Flour Makes SUCH a Difference!

The Dog House!, Sunday, 31 January 2021

Look at the loaves above. I just pulled the loaves in the left-hand photo out of the oven. I baked the loaves on the right about two weeks ago. I used the exact same process for each set: Long autolyse, 24-hour bulk ferment, 24-hour final proof. The difference? The loaves on the right used 30% King Arthur 100% Whole Wheat flour, while the loaves on the right used 30% Azure Standard 100% Whole Wheat Flour. The Azure Standard flour is Unifine milled, so it’s A LOT finer. The KA flour is pretty smooth, but you can definitely feel the bran particles in it.

No Shortcut Grain

TC.Farm Newsletter, by Jack McCann, Monday, 04 January 2021

Just like TC Farm's meat, these grains are a 'no shortcut' product. Don't worry about bleaching or bromating or synthetic pesticides (we privately test to ensure there is no glyphosate) ... You won't find any of those 'gotcha' things found in other brands to make food cheaper with hidden costs.

Sunrise Mill is making noise with its flour

The Land Online, by Tim King, Wednesday, 09 December 2020

NORTH BRANCH, Minn. — Sunrise Flour Mill, in this east-central Minnesota town, mills single source organic heritage wheat and rye which is sold as flour or manufactured into a line of pastas.

Azure Market Organics Unbleached Bread Flour, Ultra-Unifine

The Dog House!, Friday, 07 August 2020

I am SO giddy about this flour! In my previous post, I sang the praises for the Azure Market Organics 100% Whole White Wheat Flour and now, I’m even MORE giddy about this bread flour. It not only goes through the Unifine process, Azure also performs an extra sifting stage to remove about 10% of the sharp bran particles.

Unifine Is Oh So Fine!

The Dog House!, Wednesday, 05 August 2020

Yesterday I got my latest shipment of wheat: A high-extraction bread flour and 100% whole white wheat flour. Both were produced by Azure ( and milled with their Unifine mill.

Gaston's Bakery partners with Timm Adams Farm to keep it local from farm to table

Idaho News6, by Jessica Taylor, Steve Dent, Friday, 24 April 2020

Watch the video and read the article on Idaho News6.

Why Azure Mill’s Unifine Flours are Better for You

by Azure Marketing, Wednesday, 14 September 2016

It’s a rainy Saturday morning and the Blue Scorcher Bakery, in Astoria, Ore., is bursting with business. The 12-year-old co-op is cranking out organic scones, cardamom rolls, oatcakes and many other treats to a line of devoted, local customers.

Unifine Mill proposed to be donated, constructed in Ritzville

Ritzville Adams County Journal, Steve Fulton, Sunday, 15 November 2015

Unifine Mill proposed to be donated, constructed in Ritzville

Steve Fulton, whose family still operates a farm in Fairfield, Washington, has announced his intention to donate a Unifine flour milling system to be operated in Ritzville.

Unifine Resurrected

Seattle Weekly, by Patrick Hutchison, Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Unifine Resurrected

Steve Fulton fondly remembers the bread of his childhood. “The taste was amazing. It was deeply aromatic and had this distinctive nutty flavor. You can’t find bread like that anymore,” he laments.

The Grain of Truth

San Francisco Magazine, by Sara Deseran, Monday, 05 August 2013

The Grain of Truth

In a deeply beige conference room at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco, baker Craig Ponsford, founder of Artisan Bakers in Sonoma, pauses dramatically to survey the remarkably rapt group before him. His audience is members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) attending a panel discussion called “The Revolution in Local Grains,” and he’s talking about the ingredients he uses at his two-year-old San Rafael bakery, Ponsford’s Place.

The Lost & Found Flourmill

Washington State Magazine, by Larry Clark, Monday, 03 October 2011

The Lost & Found Flourmill

The Unifine mill takes a different approach. The wheat or other grain is blown into a high-speed flywheel, which pulverizes the grain against the rough surface of the container. After one pass, the exploded material blows into a sifting system, producing whole grain flour with a very fine particle size.

Unifine flour mills to be seen in central, eastern Washington

Witman County Gazette, by Sally Ousley, Wednesday, 01 April 2015

Steve Fulton is getting closer to seeing the Unifine flour mill producing tons of flour in central and eastern Washington.

A whole grain revival

Moscow-Pullman Daily News, By Elizabeth Rudd, Saturday, 08 December 2012

WSU Industrial Design Clinic team updates flour mill produced 60 years ago

Almost 60 years ago, the Washington State College Division of Industrial Research engineered a dry, one-pass whole grain milling system. This semester, seven Washington State University Industrial Design Clinic students brought the Unifine mill up to speed with modern technology.