Addendum to the Scott Mangold May 2015 Extraction Flour Baking Bench Test Comparative Flour Lab Analysis

Comparative lab results of the following flours provided by Unifine Mill LLC, obtained from Medallion Labs, Minneapolis MN and USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Legacy Release.

Extraction Flour Bench Test Results

Owner and Head Baker of Breadfarm, Bow-Edison WA, Scott Mangold, Friday, 01 May 2015

Extraction Flour Bench Test Results

I've recently had the experience of working with a uniquely milled set of wheat flours. (A whole grain flour and two other Extraction Flour samples sifted from the same batch of whole grain flour.) They were milled on a Unifine rotary impact mill.  I ran each flour through my standard test bake for 100% whole flours.   I substituted 98% for unbleached white flour in our bakery's standard Sourdough Baguette formulation at 78% hydration.  (The 2% unbleached white was the portion in the starter that seeded the leavening of the dough.)