No Shortcut Grain

TC.Farm Newsletter, by Jack McCann, Monday, 04 January 2021

Just like TC Farm's meat, these grains are a 'no shortcut' product. Don't worry about bleaching or bromating or synthetic pesticides (we privately test to ensure there is no glyphosate) ... You won't find any of those 'gotcha' things found in other brands to make food cheaper with hidden costs.


One other example: These flours are ground with an impact Unifine mill. This means more nutrition and finer whole wheat flour which makes fluffier bread, pancakes and other treats.

Unifine mills keep the flour at lower temps than even stone ground which degrades nutrients. It also avoids the need for added moisture whiuch can cause rancidity in traditionally milled flours.

I can't stress enough about how big of an impact this unifine mill is for whole wheat (and more nutrient-dense) flours. It really keeps the flour fluffier-- the pancake mix has better flavor and the texture is almost as light as all-purpose flour. Normal store-bought whole wheat flour would never work like this.