The Unifine Mill

For Local Production of Whole Grain or Reduced Bran Tawny White Flours!

unifine flour mill

Instead of grinding the grain (stone mill) or shredding & sifting the grain (roller mill), the Unifine Mill is a type of impact milling system (similar to a hammer mill). The system pulverizes the grain on impact - resulting in minimal starch damage, and a more optimum and uniform flour particle size, compared to flour produced by other systems. The rotor and stator are extremely durable and offer long-term, dependable milling.

grain video

For the history of flour milling, leading up to the invention of the Unifine Mill, and for detailed information on constructing a complete Unifine Milling System, click on the PDF below to read more information.


A Complete Milling System for Local Flour Production

unifine mill informational pdf unifine milling system