Why Azure Mill’s Unifine Flours are Better for You

by Azure Marketing, Wednesday, 14 September 2016

It’s a rainy Saturday morning and the Blue Scorcher Bakery, in Astoria, Ore., is bursting with business. The 12-year-old co-op is cranking out organic scones, cardamom rolls, oatcakes and many other treats to a line of devoted, local customers.


“Who knew there’d be so much demand in this town,” said co-owner Joe Garrison. “We’re just doing what we love … take the very best ingredients we can find, and apply the simplest process and we come up with something delicious that people really seem to want.”

For Garrison’s delicate baking, his most-critical ingredient is the flour. For that, he turns to Azure.

“Every time we get in a shipment of Azure’s Unifine flour, it comes out fluffier and fresher than our other shipments,” Garrison said. “I just know I’m going to make something special and delectable with that. The pastry side of our business has surpassed the bread baking, and for that we need an exceptional pastry flour. Azure’s Unifine flour fits our needs perfectly. Our customers are voting with their dollars and the verdict is in. We’ve been delighted.”

All of Azure’s Unifine flour is milled at Azure’s mill in Dufur, Ore., one of a few such mills in the country. Azure produces more than 125 varieties of Unifine flour under the Azure Market brand, so there’s something for every baking application – from everyday bread-baking to lavish cakes to specialized, commercial baking.

“If all you’ve ever baked with is store-bought, all-purpose flour, you’ll be amazed by the difference in flavor and consistency of Unifine flour,” said David Stelzer, CEO of Azure. “Plus, the Unifine mill grinds just about anything. So we can mill all kinds of grains and legumes, from barley and gluten-free brown rice flour to spelt flour, quinoa flour and certified organic, heirloom wheat pastry flour.”

No other company produces the variety nor the volume of Unifine flour that Azure does.

Unifine flour is one of the foundational products in the new Azure Market product line that features the highest quality at the lowest possible price.