Bakers Digest

Barbra A. MeLaren and Albert H. Harrington, Friday, 01 December 1950

Unifine Flour. Whole wheat flour, finely granulated by a special milling process, produces bread at a hight consumer acceptability.

Bulletin 206 - Unifine Flour

State College of Washington, Saturday, 01 April 1950

Unifine Flour Milling, Baking and Consumer Acceptance Tests.

The Effect of Particle Size on the Nutritional Characteristics of Unifine Flour

by Mary Corbett Stevens, Janice F Sieburth, Tom Wahl and Barbra McLaren, Tuesday, 07 August 1951

State College of Washington 1951 Manuscript.

State College of Washington Memorandum

Saturday, 19 September 1953

Letter of Memorandum from the State College of Washington for the design and fabrication of a Unifine Flour Mill.

Australian Infomation Service Letter

Thursday, 16 August 1951

Series of letters from the Australian Information Service seeking information about the Unifine Milling process.

John Wright Communication

Friday, 06 February 1953

Englishman John Wright, inventor of the Unifine Mill, personal correspondence with WUS Administration.

West Germany Inquiry

Thursday, 09 February 1956

Letter from West Germany to Washington State College officials and reply 1956.

Department of the Interior Letters

Saturday, 09 January 1960

Series of letters with the Department of Interior inquiring about using the Unifine Mill in Foreign Aid programs within developing countries.

Crissey Company Letters

Saturday, 27 November 1954

Series of letters with the Crissey Company inquiring about using the Unifine Mill for their wholesale baking companies.

Unifine Milled "Flour Girls" Brand 1980 to 1996

Monday, 02 November 1981

Statement of Incorporation for the Unifine Milling Company.